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Beach Towels
Beach Towels
Beach Towels
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Organic Cotton Towels & Bathrobes
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Beach Towels
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Beach Towels
Cotton Bedspreads & Throws
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Beach Towels

The authentic Turkish Peshtemal towels are on the world-league now. Having evolved from the Turkish Hammam/ Bath tradition, these super trendy and handy cotton towels have become more and more popular as a must-have item in the lists of travel essentials and beyond.

If you haven’t heard of Turkish Peshtemal towels yet, then you better acquaint yourself with them and with their virtues. That is particularly true if you love great outdoors, exploring and travelling or simply curious about intriguingly beautiful things in life. They represent a life-style, an out-of-box attitude in life. They are for the adventurous, open-minded people who love and embrace novelties in life.

Turkish peshtemal towels or Hammam towels as this is a more common name for them in UK, are wonderful, no-nonsense travel companion for all outdoor pursuits as well as for home use. What makes them super charming for the people of ‘Out & About’? Compact. A very small space is taken in the rucksack, cupboard or in the washing machine. Can you imagine the money saved on the electricity bills while washing them and drying them? Light load. Weights average 250gr. Size 180x90cm. Natural fibre. 100%cotton, totally flat-woven fabric with no fluff which makes them lightweight. Great news for allergy sufferers! They are pure with no man-made fibre blended in. It is easy to pack and carry them with you wherever you are bound to go; holiday making? yachting? camping or caravanning? spa break? or music festival maybe? Easy care. These peshtemal towels are especially handy when there is no washing facility nearby. Shhh…A very practical advice: Just rinse it under running water and leave it air dry. Super quick dry. No awful damp smell whatsoever resides. Nice, dry and soft again and again. Ultra absorbent.100% drying satisfaction is guaranteed. Versatile. They can be worn as beach sarong for casual lounging, spa wrap in style or a picnic and/or beach blanket to lay over, sun-shader, hair turban, shawl…Long Lasting. Cotton fibres are strong and will last you long way.

It is relatively easy to guess what ‘Cotton’ in the brand name stands for. We love Cotton fibre and the products beautifully made out of them. For those wondering what ‘Olive’ stands for, let us tell you that and pay our tribute to our soap bars. It stands for the beautifully hand-crafted, all natural soaps based on olive oil from my antique hometown, Antakya, at the south of Turkey. These olive oil soap bars enriched with the natural essence oils are perfect complimentary items to the adorable Cotton towels.

Cotton and Olive retails a wide range of these authentic towels and their bathrobe, hand towel and bedspread variations online, mainly in UK. We also make a world-wide shipments on wholesale terms. If you are interested to learn more about these unique towels or to learn our business terms and conditions, please log into or for more info.

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