The simplest and the most straightforward answer is ‘yes’. They are brilliant with their absorbency as much as their fast-drying property along with some other outstanding qualities.

Hammam towels whether they are hammam beach towels or hammam bath towels are made of premium quality cotton yarns. And Cotton and Olive’s hammam towels pass the absorbency test every time. For us at Cotton and Olive, this is a number one condition when we source our hammam towels. First and foremost, they should be super absorbent and secondly, they should look colourful and visually attractive. The absorbency bit is definitely related to the quality of the yarns used, without a doubt.

I know people who aren’t familiar with hammam towels struggle with the idea that they are absorbent. Given the fact that they are slim sheets of fabric, it is difficult to judge that they are actually very absorbent. That’s why I recorded a very short video on hammam towels absorbency and sharing it with you in this article.

This idea of demonstrating how absorbent they are was suggested to me by a friend who was also new to this kind of towel herself 10 years ago. She is absolutely right. Seeing is believing.

Trendy Compact hammam towel
Trendy Lavender hammam towel
Trendy Coral hammam towel

In this video, I use a Trendy Cotton Hammam Towel – a brand new one and unwashed- for this small experiment. I sprinkled some tap water onto the towel. You can clearly see how quickly hammam towel absorbs the droplets of water. This is exactly how every hammam towel is supposed to be. If the droplets sit on the surface long enough and rolls down the side then it means you landed with a smart-looking hammam towel but not-so-absorbent one.

The surprising thing is that the absorbency of hammam towels get only better over time with wash and wear. That’s also a fact I acknowledge and repeat myself in product descriptions. But your towel should be absorbent from day one regardless it is washed or not.

I handled a few annoyingly non-absorbent towels at the beginning of my journey with Hammam Towels. I know how frustrating to have a towel that is meant to dry you, doesn’t do its primary job. That’s why it is our duty at Cotton and Olive that every single towel you buy from us is to dry you first.

I hope this short video helps convincing people who are new to this kind of towel and encourage them to give these wonderfully versatile towels a go.

Ilgen Paydas, founder of Cotton and Olive
Yellow hammam towel hanging up to dry