We have been talking about hammam towels as great beach towels or travel towels for when you’re on the go. However, hammam towels as proper drying bath towels has been understated so long so that I am giving it a voice with this article!

Absorbent bath towels like no other!

First class hammam towels are super-absorbent. They will dry you off fast and efficiently even though they have no piles per se, like terry towels. Piles are not needed for a good drying experience with high absorbency. In fact, piles only make the towels heavier and bulkier. Hammam bath towels are all about absorbency minus the weight.


Compared with bulky terry towels, hammam bath towels save a lot of cupboard and storage space and take up less room in the laundry drum. They are a pretty smart space-saving idea for your home. In the space you wash one fluffy bath towel, you can wash 3-4 hammam bath towels perfectly well. So they can save electricity and help knock a few pounds off your energy bills – something we’re all very concerned with as energy bills are going up so fast at the moment.


Hammam bath towels are pretty quick drying towels. They will dry particularly fast if you hang them over a hook at the back of your door or hang them flat to air dry after a wash. They don’t require tumble-drying unless you prefer to do so for your convenience. This quality also reinforces the fact that they are energy saving products for eco-conscious consumers who try to make smart environmental choices.

Stylish and exciting

Hammam towels have been the highlight of so many home decor and interior magazines as actual bath towels, because of the fact that they are oozing a cool style and charismatic charm. Their patterns, tassels, colour combination (plain or loud) make them an accent piece for the bathroom in any home. They have much more personality, allowing us to express our own style. And also charged with a centuries’ old story and tradition, they are more interesting than a bulky classic bath towel.


Hammam bath towels are towels, but they are much more than that. You can use them as beach towels, gym towels, sofa covers, mini blankets, table cloths or runners, shawls. You can read our article on What’s a hammam towel for? for further inspiration.

Easy to care for

Hammam towels are long-lasting and with the right product care, can last a really long time. They don’t fray or degrade like terry towels do. See our article on How to Care for Hammam Towels for more information.

Best of both worlds

We have three hammam bath towels which bring the best of two worlds together. Breezy, Elite and Meridien hammam bath towels. What is different about them? They are double-sided towels: one side is flat-woven hammam towel and the reverse is low-pile terry cotton. If you are caught between traditional versus hammam towel concepts and want to get into hammam towels, then these hammam bath towels give you every reason to throw out your traditional towels. I see more and more people attracted to hammam bath towels as Elite and Meridien towels are always among the bestsellers all year around regardless of season.

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