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About Ilgen Paydas

I am Ilgen - the marketing director of Cotton & Olive. Cotton and Olive is a small online business run by me and my husband since 2012. We are both born and bred Turkish citizens who have been living in the UK long enough to become British. Our move to the UK was due to a new role my husband has been appointed to for BP UK, back in 2005. It all started with a 3-years contract and it never came to an end. Having raised our 2 daughters- the youngest one is off to Uni this year- we are now fully involved growing our business. So here we are, proudly presenting our beautifully wholesome hammam towels and robes, bedspreads & throws naturally complemented by hand-crafted olive oil soaps from my hometown, Antakya, at Southern Turkey, right on the Syrian border. This ancient city -Antioch- has a centuries-old history of soap-making. And the ‘Olive’ bit in our brand comes right from our olive-oil soaps, as you may have guessed. Our journey just carries on naturally mingling our Turkish cultural traditions with the western flavour, creating our unique version reflected in our work. We keep adding new product variations, learning a lot on the way, making plenty of mistakes but never losing the spirit of fun and love for the product. Thank you for being here and sharing our passion. Ilgen Oct/2019

Best Hammam Towels for Summer 2022

Embrace the Summer with Hammam Towels Getting ready for the coming summer is such a thrilling thought. Even t the prospect of it makes my days brighter, lighter and happier. We are welcoming the summer with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations between 2-5th of June. And it will be followed by a number of [...]

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Are Hammam Towels Good Bath Towels?

We have been talking about hammam towels as great beach towels or travel towels for when you're on the go. However, hammam towels as proper drying bath towels has been understated so long so that I am giving it a voice with this article! Absorbent bath towels like no other! First class hammam towels [...]

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What Is a Hammam Towel For?

As the name suggests, a hammam towel is a proper towel for drying first and foremost. This is what they are designed for in the first place. See our article about the history of hammam towels for more information. The next question might be what does "hammam" mean, specifically? The term "Hammam" used [...]

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Are Hammam Towels Absorbent?

The simplest and the most straightforward answer is ‘yes’. They are brilliant with their absorbency as much as their fast-drying property along with some other outstanding qualities. Hammam towels whether they are hammam beach towels or hammam bath towels are made of premium quality cotton yarns. And Cotton and Olive’s hammam towels pass the [...]

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