Embrace the Summer with Hammam Towels

Getting ready for the coming summer is such a thrilling thought. Even t the prospect of it makes my days brighter, lighter and happier. We are welcoming the summer with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations between 2-5th of June. And it will be followed by a number of music festivals which are make British summers truly special and exciting. Summer is the season of celebrations, being joyful and happy and getting into alfresco mode. So, we have all the reasons to embrace the summer spirit with colourful and easy-going hammam towels.

We have a few fantastic products that I want to mention to you that will help you go through this buzzing outdoor season seamlessly. These products that are outlined here are particularly popular for outdoor activities whether it is a picnic in the local park or holidaying or campervanning.

This season’s very best is beach vs picnic blankets. These products see an increasingly high demand year after year. The reasons behind are: they are large, sturdy, lightweight and compact to pack and carry in a rucksack. Their colours are also vibrant just right for the sizzling summer weather.

Our best-selling beach blanket is Trendy Hammam Beach Blanket. We added new colours to this popular product (190 x 210 cm)

Trendy hammam beach blanket

Mila Hammam Beach Blanket is also very much loved by our customers. It is a relatively new addition to our product catalogue, but it is really going strong with its super cheerful check patterns and square size (200 x 200 cm).

The last but not the least is our reversible and soft cotton Gusto Cotton Hammam Beach Blanket. This product was out of stock a while ago but we restocked it after a high demand just in time for the season (150 x 220 cm). The repeated fish pattern is really cute.

All the beach blankets can be used as a sofa cover, throw blanket or bed runner as well. They wash well and don’t require a tumble drying as they will dry quickly.

I also would like to draw your attention to a few hammam towels just recently added to our webpage. For me as a Mediterranean girl, living through the summer without a couple of hammam towels in tow is unimaginable. They make life much more fun with their stripes and colours; and much less hassle with their lightness, compactness and practicality.

Here comes this season’s very best hammam towels:

Toros Cotton Hammam Towels freshly landed to our warehouse in Surrey. It has 5 cheerful colours and 100% cotton. I definitely suggest you to have a look at them.

Milas Cotton Hammam Towels are also new and it is already a hit because of their colour vibrancy, chevron pattern and softness.

Emir Cotton Hammam Towels are truly outstanding in quality, simple and elegant in style in black, grey and natural tones. Tassels are admirable.

If you are looking for a super lightweight hammam towels for travelling purposes, then I would like to draw your attention to the following products.

Alysa Cotton Pack Light Hammam Towels is one of the lightest we have available and one of the cheapest we have on offer. These towels feel rough when you first receive it but after a wash, it will be something completely different. It will be soft, light as a feather and absorbent. Colours are beautiful, too.

Terrain Cotton Pack Light Hammam Towels are the super heroes for the travellers of all sort. They are light, elegant, soft and compact.

Cotton Throw

Wishing you all a fun-packed and colourful Summer 2022 whatever your plans are. And happy birthday to our Queen who is one of the most admirable colour lovers of all.

Ilgen P.