Hi everyone! Would you like to learn a bit more about caring for hammam towels to improve their longevity? If you are new to hammam towels, then you may would like to read our blog article What is a Peshtemal? The purpose of this blog post is to provide all the essentials that you need to know in one simple article. In our webpage, you can also find the “Product Care” tab in every single product page specific to that product.

Knotting hammam towel tassels
Caring for hammam towels

Washing your towels

Wash your cotton hammam towels at 40°C. For bamboo hammam towels, a cold wash is recommended.

Use a gentle washlow spin programme to avoid unravelling of tassels and to protect the seams of hammam robes.

Avoid fabric softener

The general advice for not using the fabric softener on fluffy towels is true for hammam towels as well. Personally, I don’t use fabric conditioner for any kind of washing, not only for the towels. But you can add some distilled white vinegar along with some laundry detergents or on its own to disinfect and soften the washings. It is a great way to avoid using chemical washing detergents which are harmful to the environment as well. I assure you, your washing will not smell of vinegar!

No need to tumble dry

Hammam towels don’t need tumble drying. They will dry quickly if you hang them on a railing away from the direct heat. One of the best things about them is that they are naturally quick-drying.

Drying hammam towels

After washing, place your towel smoothly over an airing rack. It will dry with less wrinkles in this way. You won’t need to iron it even if you are keen to have your washing ironed before putting it away in the cupboard.

However, if you prefer to tumble dry them, then stick to low heat programme especially for bamboo hammam towels


If the twisted tassels undo after wash, this is an easy problem to solve. It is really easy to put them back into a knot. Just twist the tassel and tie it securely. You can watch our YouTube video on how we do up undone tassels here.

With eye-lash tassels, on the other hand, you don’t need worry about the knots at all as they are not in a twisted form.


If there is a pull of thread on the surface of the towel, this shouldn’t be a problem either. The simplest and most practical way to make it smooth is to pull the loop area in vertical and horizontal directions a few times to make it settle back in. If it doesn’t, then you can cut the loose loop with snipping scissors.

I personally don’t wash my hammam towels every time I use them in the washing machine unless they are badly soiled. I prefer rinsing them to wash away the sea salt and chlorine of pool without using detergents after each use and leave them air dry on their own. I put them in the washing after using them at least 5-6 times.

I hope you find my practical care instructions useful to keep your hammam towels in their best forms for a long time. Thank you for visiting our webpage and reading our articles.

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