Week 7 of lockdown is underway and here at Cotton & Olive, we have gone back to basics. We recently welcomed pieces which we have been working on since October 2019 and decided to take it upon ourselves to photograph and debut the latest members of the C&O family. It’s been somewhat of a creative challenge! Meet the team and let us know what you think …

Cotton ThrowMeet the gang

First up, we have Zen. Designed from scratch and loomed from premium Turkish cotton, Zen is a Cotton & Olive exclusive. With its waffle-weave exterior and a cotton-lined interior, this unisex robe makes the perfect companion for Sunday mornings and those warm showers. Zen Unisex Cotton Double-Faced Bathrobe

The versatiles: Dolce & Nora

Where to start when it comes to these two throws? Nora Cotton Throw has a contemporary yet cosy feel and Dolce Jacquard Throw is our very own take on the classic paisley print. Both standing at 150 x 210 cm, these ladies cater to your lockdown needs from a bed cover, sofa throw, picnic blanket or just a blanket.

A Cotton & Olive staple: Elite

Elite Turkish Bath sheet has been with us since Day One due to its timeless quality and design. We just couldn’t get enough and introduced a new colour palette – blue, grey and beige on white. Elite is a Cotton Bath Sheet – a mixture of flat-woven hammam towel with low-pile terry cotton on one side and totally flat-weave on the other side.


Hand-crafted soap bars – Antioch and Savon

Antioch Herbal Soap Bars

Our soaps are sourced straight from Antakya – a town located in the southern tip of Turkey – with centuries worth of reputation when it comes to traditional soap making. All the ingredients used are locally sourced in this region and because of their natural ingredients they are vegan soaps. With their paper-based packaging and vegan-friendly production, they are simple and sustainable.

Savon soap bar is crafted from premium olive oil whilst Antioch bars are a blend of olive and cotton-seed oil. We love that these soap bars do not contain any perfume and bear the natural scent of the herbs used. Laurel Tree bar, among them all, has a very distinctive and refreshing smell.

Well, lock-down has been a very busy period for us. Hope you don’t mind the amateur photography attempts for some of our new models. They are only temporary. We will replace them with better images once we are back to normal days. Wishing you all healthy and wholesome days during these exceptional times!

Keep well until the next time!