Cotton Throws from Cotton & Olive

Cotton Throws from Cotton & Olive

Accent double bedspread

Accent double bedspread

Does your living room need a new look? Or would you just like to refresh your bedroom without breaking the bank? Or do you simply need a tasteful cover to protect your sofa whilst having a nice texture and colour laid on it? Well, the simplest solution is to spread a new cotton throw on them probably. The change of vibe, the feel of freshness and trendy modern look would be instant and striking.

Cotton & Olive’s cotton throws which have been first launched last year, proved to be a great success. So we decided to enlarge our throw & bedspread collection this year. Our cotton throws & bedspreads are product variation derived from our Hammam towels.

The throws are made of 100% Turkish cotton, just bigger in size and thicker for extra cosy feel without being cumbersome. They are soft, very pleasant to feel them next to your skin. They are perfect for allergy sufferers as they contain no artificial, man-made fibre. It is pure cotton and machine-washable.

100% cotton throw

Use your throw as a single bed runner or even as a blanket for cosy winter evenings

We always like to bring pattern and colour to the forefront in our designs, to break the monotonous feel at home and also to bring some personality to your living space. We believe these elements help put your own stamp on your interior.

Versatility is another strength. They have many uses other than being a sofa throw. You can use yours as a single bed runner to brighten up your guest room bedroom or your child’s room, matching the existing colour scheme. They are always great as blankets for indoor and/or outdoor. They can even be used as bath towels.

We try to appeal to as many different tastes as possible, so we provide a wide range of colour options. Colours other than whites and greys are important to show your unique personality and we believe we are good at delivering it.

Enjoy your throw days!

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I am Ilgen - I was born and bred in Turkey and unexpectedly moved to UK with the family in 2005 and even more unexpectedly stayed here for good. The reason for this move was my husband’s job assignment with BP, UK. My passion for peshtemal towels started in 2006. I was always fond of these handy traditional towels as a user. I started to try to sell them in the UK, although it was more like a hobby to me rather than a business. After a few years it became a serious business with great potential for growth but never losing its fun spirit, in the least. I am the greatest fan of these Hammam/Peshtemal towels. Now we have introduced many other products and ranges to complement these towels and we are delighted to bring these high quality products to the UK.