Today we’ll try to answer the most common questions you may ask to learn about hammam towels. We’re compiling this information for those who are not familiar with hammam towels.

What is a hammam towel?

A hammam towel is a lightweight and compact towel for drying.

What sizes do hammam towels come in?

They are usually rectangle in shape and come 90 x 180 cm in size

What is the average weight of hammam towel?

Their weight varies between 200g – 500g. Hammam bath towels are on the heavier side of the range compared to the hammam beach towels.

What makes hammam towels compact and lightweight?

They are flat woven towels free of fluffs. This aspect makes them lightweight, compact and also quick-dry.

What materials are used in making hammam towels?

Generally, they are made of 100% cotton. Some brands blends cotton with linen, bamboo or silk. Cotton and Olive hammam towels are either 100% cotton or blended with linen.

Where are they made?

Hammam towels are made in Turkey. At Cotton and Olive, we source all our hammam towels in the Southwest part of Turkey.

What are they particularly good for?

They are excellent towels for outdoor adventures, travelling, beach holidays, indoor and outdoor swimming. They are compact, easy and light to pack and carry and quick-drying.

Does being lightweight make them less long-lasting?

No. They are very strong and well-made hammam towels will last a very long time.

How you care for them?

Hammam towels are very easy to care for. They are machine washable. 40◦ C max is recommended at low-speed setting. No tumble dry needed. They will dry fast if you hang them up with plenty of air circulating around.

What makes them eco-friendly?

They last a long time, which in our view makes them part of “slow fashion”. Since they are compact, they take up little space in your washing. You don’t need to tumble dry them. This can all help saving on energy bills.

Can I use them as bath towels at home?

Absolutely! Our hammam bath towels like Elite cotton hammam bath towel and Meridien cotton hammam bath towel are among our best sellers.

Are hammam towels versatile?

Can I use them elsewhere? – You can use them in myriads of ways like sofa protector, mini blanket to wrap up or lap blanket to cover the knees, shawl or tablecloth. Our popular hammam robes are made of hammam towelling material. They make great loungewear as they are lightweight, comfy and classy.

Do they come in alternative sizes?

Yes, they do. We have also hammam bedspreads, throw blankets in larger sizes. Some models like Leyla cotton jacquard bedspread are available in Single, Double, King and Super King size. We have them in smaller sizes as well. Hammam hand towels are usually 50 x 90 cm in size.

Which age group in particular does it appeal?

They appeal to all age groups. Great for babies and toddlers as they are made of skin friendly natural fibres. Equally great for teenagers and young adults as hammam towels help with their outdoor adventures on the go.

As for older people, they are really beneficial as these hammam towels are lightweight compared to their size and very absorbent, making them easy to handle and to care for.

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