How to Look After Peshtemal Towels, Throws and Bedspreads

How to Look After Peshtemal Towels, Throws and Bedspreads

I know I have been posting quite a few blog articles evolving around peshtemal and its product variations like peshtemal bedspreads and peshtemal throws; yet I haven’t written a post about how to look after peshtemal. So, I’m going to show you a few practical ways to make your peshtemals go a long way in great shape.

Turkish peshtemal towels

The trademark peshtemal tassel

Peshtemal Hammam Towels are woven fabric, not a ready-made fabric cut into certain sizes. They are made on hand-looms inch by inch. So, on the top and bottom of the towel, there are tassels which are the natural finish of the woven fabric. Tassels are the trademarks of the Turkish peshtemals and without them, they would lose their unique and true identity. These tassels are tied up into a knot to finish the product and this process is usually done by a group of local ladies.

Turkish peshtemal hammam towels are down-to-earth, utilitarian, extremely practical and eco-friendly fabrics designed to ease the pressures of modern living. The benefits are that you gain more space in cupboards (and in the washing machine) hence it helps reduce the disposable chemical waste and also cuts down on electricity bills. You reduce the weight and volume occupied in your sports bag, in your backpack or in a carryall whilst travelling. You also save time as they are very fast-drying fabrics.

Caring for peshtemal

Peshtemal towels are machine washable. We recommend max 40C and 800rpm spinning. The higher you spin them, the more likely the tassels will untangle. The best practice would be to wash them by hand and leave them hanging flat over a washing line or airer to air-dry. This makes sure your tassels are going to be as beautiful as they were before the wash and will definitely save you extra time on ironing them.

Bear in mind that even if you wash them in a washing machine, make sure to hang them flat on a line or on an airer to avoid ironing. If you will be doing a combination of machine wash and tumble dry, the chances are you will end up having a few untangled tassels. Don’t worry. That’s not the end of the world! That’s a quick-fix.

Reworking the tassels

What happens if your peshtemal untangles? Absolutely nothing. It will only look a bit messier than before. If you follow your instincts to put it right, then you would probably like to fix the untangled knot. Fixing the tassel knot is very easy. You just twist the loose ends and turn it into a knot at the tip. Once you form the knot, pull it tight to make sure it won’t untangle again. This will not only make the peshtemal look much tidier but also will prolong its life and strength. Please watch the video for an easy demonstration of how to fix it.

Untangling peshtemal
Untangling peshtemal

If you need further advice on how to look after peshtemal hammam towels, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments or post your questions in the comment section down below. We will be delighted to answer your questions.

Until the next post, take care!


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I am Ilgen - I was born and bred in Turkey and unexpectedly moved to UK with the family in 2005 and even more unexpectedly stayed here for good. The reason for this move was my husband’s job assignment with BP, UK. My passion for peshtemal towels started in 2006. I was always fond of these handy traditional towels as a user. I started to try to sell them in the UK, although it was more like a hobby to me rather than a business. After a few years it became a serious business with great potential for growth but never losing its fun spirit, in the least. I am the greatest fan of these Hammam/Peshtemal towels. Now we have introduced many other products and ranges to complement these towels and we are delighted to bring these high quality products to the UK.