Summer is finally here in the UK, and we have definitely been feeling it these past few weeks.

With summer comes beach trips, poolside lounging and the occasional spontaneous picnic in the park which means a lightweight beach towel is a summer necessity. I have put together the following 5 best beach towels for summer 2018.

My number one choice and the newest addition to the Cotton & Olive collection is the Pasha Cotton Hammam Towel.

On top, this towel is super-soft to the touch and made of the usual high-quality cotton that you can expect from Cotton & Olive, making it light-weight, fast drying, and perfect to pop in your bag for the day.

The herringbone pattern and three colour options (black, grey, and red) gives this hammam towel a distinctive character which is sure to stand out on the beach.

Second on my list is one of the hammam towels that we started selling from day one: Exquisite Bamboo Peshtemal Towel.

This hammam beach towel is everyone’s favourite. Its bamboo blend gives it that soft feel that everybody is attracted to.

This towel has a very simple and elegant pattern making it a great alternative to the classic summer stripes.

The colour options range from soft baby blue to hot pink, offering you a good chance of putting your colour mood into action. Cotton & Olive’s exquisite bamboo towels are the lightest you can go for and therefore make outstanding travel towels.

Here comes our Breezy Peshtemal Hammam Towels which are not as well-known as the other hammam towels because they look more like a regular towel with piles.

One side of this hammam towel has a low pile and the other side is free of pile which makes the breezy hammam towel like no other.

This towel is still very lightweight whilst still offering a fluffy surface for your comfort.

They are the best for sun lounging by the pool, laying out in your garden, or while on holiday at a resort. They are equally great for sailing, boat tours, or simply as a bath sheet in your home.

They dry easily, wash well, and are much more compact than classic bath towels.

The colour selection is full of buzz and exudes vibe and energy.

Twist Cotton Hammam Towels tops the fourth rank on my list.

This is a very pretty, versatile towel offering a nice alternative to straight line summer stripes.

The narrowing and enlarging pipes form the stripes in this unique model and give this towel a charming and dynamic look. You may think these unusual stripes may be more susceptible to snags, but that is absolutely not the case. After the first wash, the cotton yarns will bind together quite tightly and the fabric will become much stronger. In general, hammam towels are long lasting towels which you will be using for years.

This towel is not only beautiful and functional as a very absorbent beach towel, but can be easily used as a trendy scarf to put on your shoulders in the summer chill, as a tablecloth, or even as a sofa cover to protect your settee from the kids and pets.

Chirali Jacquard Weave Cotton Hammam Towels & Blankets are the last pick of mine as a contender to be in the best 5 beach towels for Summer 2018.

To say the least, they are very soft in feel and super pretty. The colour options are soft lilac, sage green and ash grey.

This is the “new girl in town” – one of our new arrivals already loved so much. The weave is different to the others as they are jacquard-woven and they are double layered but are still very light-weight, extremely absorbent and fast drying.

This towel looks like a mini tapestry because of the damask pattern and the jacquard-weaving technique. This hammam towel is versatile in a real sense. You can take this trendy beauty to the beach and use it as a beach towel or lay it on the sand and use it as a sand-free beach blanket.

You can easily put it to use as a shawl as they are really soft and soothing to the skin, or use it as a sofa throw. Versatility is the main forte of this towel.

I hope you found this article helpful and appreciate the versatility of hammam towels even more. These towels are adaptable, functional, and packed with tons of fun and character.

–  Ilgen

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