Hello! We hope you are well and keeping warm this winter amid the Cost of Living Crisis.

Some of you who are with us all the way from the beginning of our journey know well that we started Cotton and Olive as a brand back in October 2012 operating under the company name Leanwise Limited. And we started selling Turkish hammam towels only. There were hardly any companies selling hammam towels in the UK back then.

In fact, hammam towels were unknown to the majority of the UK audience. But just look at them now! It is a hugely competitive market now. Thanks to our customers who are loyal to us, we managed to retain our customer base and we’re still growing simply by providing the best quality products at the best prices we can manage to operate.

Basket of Turkish blankets
Turkish blanket throw draped over sofa

Turkish blankets

In 2016 we started to expand our product range and added cotton Turkish blankets. It was a big time for us to try out a new category beyond hammam towels. It worked well, thankfully and encouraged us to add more varieties of Turkish blankets in various sizes and colours.

We started our Turkish blankets and throws category with one simple chevron pattern and ended up with a large range including bold patterns and rich colours as well as the simplest stripe patterns with muted colours. Over time, we became the creator of our own designs which enabled us to transform our business from an online retailer only, to a wholesaler.

Who loves our blankets?

Our cotton Turkish blankets are popular and practical among three groups of customers as far as we can see.

Sofa throws and covers

Group one customers buy our cotton blanket to use it as a sofa cover to refresh and update their lounge area. It is a budget-friendly and easy solution to protect a new sofa. It is also a creative way to cover an old and faded sofa to improve the interior. If the intention is to cover or protect a sofa, our blankets are just perfect. We have an abundance of colour and size options to chose with an attractive price point. One of our customers said she loved everything in our shop including the price.

Warm and cosy

For our second group of customers, on the other hand, the purpose of the blanket is more for wrapping or laying over for an extra comfort and warmth. In winter, we tend to see an inclination towards wool and cashmere blankets that offer extra warmth. They are toasty warm for sure, although with much higher price tags.

However, my point is, cotton jacquard blankets that come in 2 layers or better still in 3 layers are also ideal for winter as much as summer. 3-layered cotton jacquard fabric will give you the extra warmth and sooth in a more controlled way without overheating you or agitating the skin. They are soft and cosy to wrap up and large enough to cover yourself laying down chilling or watching TV.

For all sizes of bed

The 3-plied Turkish cotton blankets we have in our collection are Ela and Leyla blankets. They are available in 3 different sizes – Single, Double and Super King.

They are generous in size and large enough to cover the bed properly with enough to drop down on either side of the bed. They are also dense and heavy enough not to be flimsy. We have also 2-plied cotton blankets. They are less dense and lighter in weight. Dolce paisley cotton blanket, Gusto, Patara, Terrain and Camden throw blanket are in this category.

Turkish blanket draped over bed

Interior design

Our third group of customers are keen interior stylists who love home textiles and love to style their homes with colour and texture to give depth and individual character. They use a few layering fabrics of colour and pattern to create the visual impact they imagine.

Our cotton blankets lend themselves brilliantly to layering and combining with other fabrics to achieve this artistic aesthetic.


However, layering for us is not purely for visuals. There is much more than just creating a strong visual impact. By layering on the bed, you can create the ideal comfortable temperature for an undisrupted sleep. Add a layer if you feel cool or remove it if you feel hot. It is no different from wearing layered clothes to adjust your body to outside temperature.

Plus, layering is a good way to protect your bed from the mucky pets or young children, or simply to achieve and maintain a neater and more hygienic sleeping area.

Their functionality is interchangeable depending on your mood. They are there to accompany you and comfort you for stylish everyday living.

Basket of Turkish blankets