Throws, blankets, bedspreads, throw blankets are among the most common terms we use to define our home textile products. But what do we mean exactly when we use these terms?


Throws are small blankets and the most versatile among all. They are usually up to 150 x 200 cm in size and not much more. They are mainly for styling your living space be it your living room, bedroom or conservatory. They are ideal size to cover a sofa for keeping you warm as well as refreshing your home.

Cotton throws are perfectly adaptable to be used as beach/picnic blankets. They have the ability to stay sand-free, they are compact and easy to fold and carry in your handbag. Compared to their size, they are also quite lightweight which also means they will help you save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill while washing and drying them.

Throws are also great to be used for a single or double bed-layering for a stylish look in your bedroom. Or wrap them around you while watching telly or put them across your knees to keep you cosy and warm. Additional ways of using these tactile fabrics include hanging them as a curtain or laying them across your table as a fantastic tablecloth. They are great gift items for all ages, less costly and more adaptable.

Nora pink throw blanket

The Nora throw blanket in pink

Throw blankets

Throw blanket is a term used to indicate the versatile nature of the product group which can be used as a throw as well as a blanket. Products under this category are Rumeli, Caria, Gusto, Zig Zag, Patara, Dolce, Nora, Trendy Beach Blanket.


On the other hand, we use term blankets for coverings that are thicker and larger than throws and offered in one size only. The are usually up to 200 x 230 cm in size. They are a good fit to cover single, double or king-size beds. They are excellent coverlets for layering a super-king-size beds with other textiles for a little added depth and sophistication. And they are very functional to cover and style a sofa.

They are great to be laid on the nursery room floors as a soft rug. With the current energy bill crisis across the planet, you may even prefer to use a large blanket rather than a throw to keep yourselves warm and fully-covered during the autumn and winter months. Products falling under this category are Ani, Merich, Orantes, Lykia.

Cotton Chevron Throw Blanket, Beige
Lykia blanket


As for the bedspreads, the main distinguishing fact about them is they come in with size options. We provide single, double (covering Queen and King size beds) and Super-King-Size options. Our bedspreads are quite generous in size and they fully cover your bed allowing some side drops on each side.

We are also aware that some of our customers deploy these generously-sized bedspreads to cover their big sofas. The jacquard bedspreads have four layers of cotton. Hence, they are heavier than the other blankets, sitting firmly across your bed or sofa without being flimsy. Our products under this category are Leyla & Ela jacquard bedspreads and Linear woven bedspread.

Leyla cotton blanket in green
Ela jacquard bedspread
Linear bed reverse green blanket

Cotton and Olive’s throw blankets and bedspreads are made of highest quality cotton yarns which will last for years withstanding washing again and again. They will also a great contribution to update and improve your interiors without costing you 3 digits!