As the UK’s leading supplier of hammam bathrobes, we’ve been asked quite a few questions! We love talking to our customers, whether it’s online or in person at the many fairs and markets we go to around the UK every year. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about hammam bathrobes, with the answers!

  • All about hammam bathrobes.
  • What are hammam bathrobes made from?
  • Are hammam bathrobes made from the same material as hammam towels?
  • Do they take up a lot of space?
  • Are they lightweight?
  • Are they heavy?
  • Are they fast-drying?
  • What fabric are hammam bathrobes made from?
  • How to tell the quality of a hammam bathrobe?
  • Are they absorbent?
  • Are they durable?
  • How do you make them last a long time?
  • How long do they last?
  • How do you care for them?
  • Are they trendy and fashionable?
  • Are they expensive?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Do they get damp?
  • Who uses hammam bathrobes?
  • Do they make good gifts?
  • Can you get them for kids in children’s sizes?
  • Do they need tumble drying?
  • How do you dry them?
  • Are they good to take on holiday or for travel?
  • What are the advantages of bathrobes made from hammam material?

Hammam bathrobes are made of hammam cloth that is exactly the same fabric as our hammam towels. That’s why we think it’s appropriate to call them hammam bathrobes! I will explain the qualities of hammam robes which distinguish them from other robes.

Cotton hammam robes carry exactly the same properties as hammam towels. These are famously known to be compact and lightweight while being super-absorbent and fast drying.

All these qualities are due to the fact that hammam cloth is a flat-woven fabric without loops, as traditional towels have. This makes the robe much more compact, less heavy but not less absorbent in any way.

Quality matters

Now the quality and the length of the yarns used as warp and weft come into the picture. The quality of the yarns are extremely important. If the product is made of 3rd quality short yarns, then you may end up with a hammam-looking bathrobe at a cheaper price but with no absorbency and no longevity. It won’t last as long so you end up spending more. Quality goes a long way and saves money in the long run.

Cotton and Olive hammam robes are made of 100% premium natural fibres. We mainly use cotton as our brand name also suggests. Linen and bamboo blends are among the other natural fibres we also like to use.


Absorbency is of paramount importance for us. Next comes the durability of the product. Following the washing instructions will help the life span of the product so please take a moment to read the washing instructions we give on each product’s page.

Our most popular hammam robes

Our hammam bathrobes have got the look, too! Trendy Unisex Robes and Tuana Unisex Robes are our bestselling hammam robes. They look smart and feel comfortable. They dry you fast and then they dry out quickly ready for the next use.

If you hate your bathrobe for being heavy, damp and smelly even after 24 hours, then the hammam robe is the one for you.

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The Tuana Unisex Hammam Bathrobe
Unisex hammam bathrobe
Our popular Trendy Hammam Bathrobe

Who loves hammam robes?

I have noticed many times that these lightweight hammam robes and towels are particularly good for elderly and frail people. Less weight, high absorbency works well for them.

They can be a fantastic Mothers’ Day and/or Father’s Day gift. They are also very convenient for university students living in small digs at university halls.

They are very handy if you have to stay at the hospital. They are really great if you feel hot and cold at the same time and just need another layer to feel comfortable sitting at your living room watching Netflix.

Lighten the laundry load

Do you have a busy household with loads of guests coming and going? This means machine load laundry every time. Hammam robes make life easier for you. They don’t take up space in the washing machine as much as their heavy counterparts do. They are just 1/3 of the bulky robes in volume or even less. On top of that, they don’t need tumble-drying. Lay them flat or hang them flat to air dry.


The good news is we have a small hammam robe selection for children. Theirs is great to be used at home for bath time, on summer holidays and to protect them against the sunlight while spending longer hours outdoors by the pool or sea.

Wrapping up (excuse the pun) I can say hammam robes are really practical, functional and hassle-free lifestyle products, which you’ll love in your home and travel bag. They exemplify a certain way of living and attitude which requires openness and free-thinking attitude to life.

Until next time, stay safe.


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