Hammam towels are  well known for being extremely light and thin. These qualities have been recognised by homeowners as a great way to make everyday living more practical and pleasant.

Let’s recap what a hammam towel is first. A hammam is a flat fabric woven on looms. There are horizontal and vertical yarns crisscrossing on the loom inch by inch, producing the fabric. Vertical yarns form the tassels at both ends of the fabric, adding great character and charm to the hammam towel. While weaving the hammam towel fabric, the loom doesn’t make loose loops on the surface of the fabric. Those loose loops on the surface of the towel create the terry cotton look with piles that we all are familiar with. Without these extra loops aka piles, we get a totally flat-woven surface with no piles.

Shedding the extra loops on the surface makes the fabric much lighter and thinner with a smooth flat surface. We call this fabric hammam towel if the product is a towel or a hammam blanket if the end product is a blanket.

The benefits of this lighter and thinner fabric makes quite a long list!



*Hygienic as they dry fast

*Soft and kind to skin

*Eco-friendly for laundering. Less space in the washing machine, less detergent and less energy.

*No bad smell. No residues

*Space smart

*Less weight to carry

*Sand-free. Ideal for beach holidays and picnics

*Versatile. Adaptable to various styling options for indoor and outdoor. When not used as towel, then style it as a shawl, sarong, travel blanket, tablecloth, chair cover, end of bed layer, massage or therapy bed liner, ironing board cover, curtain.

Hammam towels are extra beneficial to holiday makers, travellers, camping and campervan folks, festival goers where being lightweight is essential. They are equally great indoors if you prefer a smart and hassle-free life style to traditional towelling choices.

They will look fantastic where ever you use them with their colourfulness, beautiful patterns and tassels!

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