It’s been a while since I last posted an article here. A lot has been going on since we completed a very busy Christmas period. New products, new designs, new colours, new suppliers! We are continuously improving our existing product lines whilst adding brand new products. And improvements are not limited to the products only. We are changing the look of our website making it more engaging and dynamic with seasonal updates.

Work behind the scenes always keeps us busy.

We love local!

We like taking part in local events during the summer months. It’s both fun and fulfilling to be closer to our customers during these street events. I’m always keen to listen to our customers feedback. Their comments help to improve our service and what we plan next.

One of my customers at Clapham Common suggested I add linen to my product line. She said it was a shame linen was not in my collection even though I had a large selection of quality products in all sorts of colours. She articulated a demand which I couldn’t meet.

Your suggestions – delivered

I took it to heart and heeded her advice. We added our very first linen products to our website this winter. We are very happy to introduce you to the Marl Linen Collection – Marl Bathrobe, Marl Hammam Bath Towel, Hand Towel and Marl Beach Kaftan. We have also just recently added the gorgeous Kyra Linen Kaftan dress to our beach accessories category. Cotton and Olive’s Linen Kaftans offer comfort and stylish elegance above anything else. They are live now and we’ve already started receiving orders.

Cotton and Olive’s brand concept has always been on lightness and boundless practicality with a pinch of colour. We love colour and try to offer as many as possible with our wide colour palette. In line with our brand concept, we added Orla Turkish Bath Towels and Orla Hand Towels to our Hammam Bath Towels category. They are beautiful Turkish towels with classic tassels on the ends. They have low piles on both sides. The colour choices are vibrant and full of life to make your bathroom a very happy place.

New hammam beach towel colours

As part of our improvement project, I should mention our best-selling Trendy Hammam Beach Towels. This product is on offer on our website with the largest selection of colour options of any product on our site.

With the three new colours added, we hit a whopping 20 colours in total for this single product. And their colour intensity is richer and brighter than ever.

The second product with new colour options is Indigo Hammam Towel. Indigo has been featured in the Independent as one of the best hammam towels 2018. We recently added two more colours to the indigos making six in total.

New budget-friendly products

Finally, I would like to mention our fresh approach to sensitive pricing. We are always trying to offer good value for the quality you are buying on our website. We don’t want our customers to abandon us simply because they find better value elsewhere.

We recently added four budget-friendly products. They are only £12 each, made from 100% cotton and their colours are terrific. The reason for their price is because they are end-of-line products sourced straight from our suppliers’ warehouses.

There are four hammam beach towels in this category, Nomad, Elements, Nuri and Jolly. They are extremely handy, versatile and lightweight travel towels. Perfect for holidaymakers and backpackers. The motive for us to have these low cost hammams is to give a chance to the customers who haven’t been familiar with the benefits of hammam towel. We positively encourage you to try out these fantastic products and make it part of your daily routine.

These are all the updates for now. Wishing you all a happy and colourful season whatever you are up to. I will catch up with you again before summer.

Keep well!