You made it! So glad you could join us. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

We are Cotton & Olive, a family proud of our Turkish heritage. We make towels and home textiles. Our love for sharing our culture with others and family holidays are what inspired our brand.

Ilgen Paydas, Marketing Director of Cotton & OliveOur Mum, Ilgen (who is also the Marketing Director of C&O)

In 2012, we decided to put a modern twist on the traditional Turkish ‘peshtemal’ aka hammam towel– a cotton towel with over 600 years of history and a staple of hammam culture. Their lightweight, compact size, quick absorption, and drying speed make them versatile enough for just about anything. Camping, traveling, napping – you name it. And we are on a mission to share this secret with the rest of the world.

With products hand-loomed by artisans from local villages in Turkey, we value and ensure the fair trading and sourcing of our textiles. The skillful craftsmanship of traditional weavers (a gift passed down to them through generations) is what brings our designs to life. A slice of history if you like.

Over the years, we have built friendships with them and their families.

Today, from our family home in Surrey, we are thrilled to share our expanded range of towels, blankets, throws, and robes with you. Come along for the ride.

Thank you for joining our journey,

The Paydas Family