Bamboo Towels & Bathrobes

Bamboo towels & bathrobes

Bamboo towels and robes blended with cotton are great products for a perfect drying experience. They are incredibly lightweight and silky soft with an elegant natural sheen.

Perfect for travelling

These quick-drying and versatile bamboo hammam towels are exceptional for travellers and holidaymakers. Not only can you dry with it but you can also wear it as a wrap or a beach sarong! Being surprisingly compact, they take up little space in your bag or luggage.

Owing to their unique, modern classic qualities with tassels and trendy stripy patterns, they are timeless gifts for all ages and occasions. Being all natural fibre and kind to sensitive skin they have proven to be fantastic baby towels and blankets.

Their lightweight property also makes them especially valuable to elderly people as much as for young and active adults on the go such as travellers, campers & backpackers. So indulge yourself and the ones you care for to these exceedingly absorbent and hand-loomed bamboo towels.

Why should you Buy and Use Bamboo Bath Towels


When you initially touch a bamboo bath towel you may be astonished by how very soft it is, that’s what I initially noticed. Additionally, you will notice the bath towel is not as dense like a cotton towel. Even though the bamboo bath towel can easily absorb as much as four times more liquid when compared to a cotton towel. Bamboo bath towels possess micro gaps which provide for this high absorption.

Much more unique is the fact bamboo bath towels are naturally anti-fungal, anti- bacterial, plus anti-static. This is not an additional property, it’s an organic ability of bamboo fibre. It will not wash out even with many years of use. You may leave a moist bamboo bath towel in a gym bag, a gym locker, on the floor or perhaps the bottom of your backpack and it will not have that odd gym sock odour.

Bamboo fibre the green, natural,renewable plus eco-friendly fabric from the 21st Century. Bamboo grows naturally devoid of the use of pesticides and needs considerably less water. Bamboo is actually a cellulose fibre that is changed into yarns but without the addition of toxic compounds, and it is 100 % bio-degradable in soil by micro-organism plus sunshine, creating no air pollution towards the environment. Try leaving behind a terry cloth bath towel inside the landfill for some time, nothing at all will have happened. More information on bamboo towels can be found here


Care and Wash Guidelines for Your Product


You need to wash your bamboo bath towel prior to first use. We suggest mindful handling whenever washing your brand-new towel. To avoid snagging from the loops plus towel shrinkage diligently adhere to these simple steps:

  • Position your bath towels inside a washing bag just before its 1st washing.
  • Wash bath towels with lukewarm water on a delicate wash along with like colours (never add bleach) and completely rinse.
  • Tumble dry no or maybe low heat setting.
  • We do not advise the usage of fabric softeners because they are likely to block the micro-gaps within the fibres resulting in reduced absorbency.