Bamboo Towels & Robes

Bamboo towels and robes blended with cotton are great products for a perfect drying experience. They are extraordinarily lightweight and silky soft with an elegant natural sheen on the surface. These outstandingly quick-drying and versatile bamboo peshtemal/hammam towels are exceptional for travellers and holidaymakers.  Not only you dry with it but you can also wear it as a wrap or a beach sarong! Being surprisingly compact, they will take up a little space in your bag/luggage.

Owing to their unique, modern classic qualities with tassels and trendy stripy patterns, they are timeless gifts for all ages and occasions. Being all natural fibre and kind to sensitive skin they have proven to be fantastic baby towels and blankets. Also, their lightweight property makes them especially valuable to frail elderly people as much as for the young and active adults on the go like travellers, campers & backpackers. So indulge yourself and the ones you care for to these exceedingly absorbent and hand-loomed bamboo towels.

You can have a look at our cotton hammam towels here if you wish to.