Bath & Spa

Find natural organic cotton Turkish hammam towels and robes in our bath and spa category.

Our bath & spa range is specially designed so you can still enjoy the lightweight and quick-drying properties of traditional hammam towels whilst keeping you snug and warm with no compromise on absorbency.

All our spa products, being pure cotton or cotton with bamboo blends, are in line with the spa concept of well-being and eco-friendly.

Our bath & spa towels are made of either pure cotton or cotton with bamboo blends. They are not traditional bath towels in the sense that they have no fluffs at lot. They are flat-woven, authentic Turkish Hammam/ Bath towels with extraordinary drying properties. They are lightweight, compact and fast drying. Cotton and Olive’s Bath & Spa towels will be a fantastic addition to your bathrooms and also to your lifestyle.

They are superb in easing the work load by reducing the wash load hence saving you energy there. They save you plenty of space in the airing cupboards. They dry quick. No need to tumble dry them. They are also very practical and compact if you use them beyond bathrooms.

They are machine washable.