Our bathrobe range include the lightest and skinniest robes that you can ever find and wear. They feel like a second skin on you; soft and tantalising, make you feel comfortable and chilled while you are stylishly lounging in your own sitting room, in a university hall or somewhere as a guest or in a spa get-away. With the fitted hood and deep patch pockets, they will enhance the wonderful feel of comfort with their casual, easy-going style. They are pleasingly ultra compact and pack nicely to make themselves readily available whenever and wherever you may need them. All our bathrobe range are made of 100% pure cotton with exceedingly high absorbency. They are not only great for lounging but also outstanding as proper bathrobes for drying after a quick shower or a soaking wet bath tub ritual. They are all unisex and very well known with their quick drying quality. Some models come with a matching bath sheet and a hand towel for a visually stunning impact in your bathroom with their energizing design and colours. The bathrobe sets are remarkable as they instantly transfer the feel of your bathroom into something very trendy and inspiring whilst putting a very trendy, humble eclectic undertones to it. They are also exquisite gift idea for those who are thrilled with the Zen feel of the eclectic along with a gorgeous down to earth practicality in their life. Cotton & Olive bathrobe selection is based on the effortless comfort and practicality without any compromise on the element of minimalist luxury with the awe-inspiring trendy feel attached to them.