Hammam Beach Towels

Hammam beach towels

Hammam beach towels are ultra-lightweight and stay amazingly sand-free. They are perfect for beach holidays and other outdoor adventures.

Being totally flat-woven with no pile, these towels are compact, extraordinarily absorbent and quick-dry. They are perfect travel companions.

Besides using them as a towel for drying, you can also wear them as a beach sarong, spa wrap or a modestly cover whilst travelling.

Also known as peshtemal beach towels, they have an average weight of 300 grams and are compact enough to roll up nicely to fit any small space available in your luggage or handbag.

Hand-loomed in Turkey, they are 100% natural fibre with no synthetic blends. We love cotton and bamboo fibre and we love blending them together. You can go here to see our bamboo towels blended with cotton.

Learn more about peshtemal hammams.

Is there any better way of welcoming the summer season than having a few pairs of hammam beach towels ready at hand?

Hammam towels are so loveable, hassle-free, lightweight and absorbent that I can’t think of having a summer holiday or any outdoor venture without having one in my bag.

What makes hammam towels so lovable?

They are not made of sticky manmade fibre. Well, at least ours are made of 100% premium Turkish cotton. They are delightful to touch; very absorbent; dry super quickly and lightweight.

The reason why they are so lightweight and compact is they are made of fluff-free flat hammam fabric. No piles, no weight and hence no volume! Simples. But don’t get me wrong! They are absorbent as a camel.

Lightweight and versatile

Since I already mentioned them being lightweight, I would like to add a few more things. The average weight of hammam towels is somewhere between 200 – 500 grams. So, if there is a concern over the weight of your luggage or cabin bag whilst travelling, you simply wear your hammam towel as a shawl. You will find it very handy to use it as a mini blanket to cover yourself or to roll it up and tuck it under your head as a pillow.

Space-saving and compact

They are a great space saver. They roll up nicely and fit into your tote bag or gym or beach bag or rucksack. I typically pack a minimum of 6 hammam towels in my beach bag for the whole family when we are going to spend the whole day by the beach. I like to lay one under to sit or lounge on it.

And the second towel, I use as a proper towel for drying. Once that is used and gets wet, I hang it somewhere breezy so it can dry in ultra-quick time. In half an hour or so it will be dry and crisp again for the next round.

They are space-savers in your cupboards if you have got the bug of using these hammam towels every day as your actual bath sheet. Also for the washing, they will help you save a load of space. You will be amazed how little space they take up while you are loading your washing machine.

They are versatile. Use it as a towel heading to the beach, pool or gym. Or style it as a shawl or mini wrap around your neck and shoulder when going alfresco.

For the sofa or massage table

Use it as a sofa cover or massage table liner to refresh the look of your living room/therapy room. Shift it to a tablecloth or a baby blanket or yoga mat cover.

There is a myriad of ways of using these practical towels in and off-season. I even use one as an ironing board cover. They are large enough (90 x 180 cm) to cover even XL ironing boards. Curious to know how you use yours?

The tassels, stripes, the vibrant colours, the woven texture of the cotton are all among the other factors which make these hammam towels so adorable. And they are great for all age groups, all lifestyles for men and women, for all year around. If you haven’t got one for yourself already, then it is long overdue.