Blankets and Throws

Cotton and Olive is specialised in Turkish home textiles made of biodegradable natural fibres which do not contribute to the plastic pollution. All our products are either made of 100% cotton or cotton blended with bamboo, modal, linen for product durability. We recently added cashmere and wool throws as our new winter selection.

Our product range includes Turkish hammam beach and bath towels; matching hammam hand towels; hammam bathrobes for adults, babies & children; cotton bedspreads & throws and wool & cashmere throws. Hammam Beach towels and Hammam Bath Robes are our flagship products and they are known to be the lightest products in their category whilst providing the utmost absorbency packed with a quick-drying feature. From Hammam Beach towels and robes, we moved on to include Hammam Bath Towels range to widen our product spectrum and embraced the home concept in general along with our beach and outdoors collection. Our hammam bath towels are much lighter in weight than the average bath towels out in the market and substantially much quicker to dry. In hammam bath towels, we keep the pile low on one side and weave the reverse flat hammam with no piles at all. In some other hammam bath towels, we weave both side flat hammam yet make the weight a bit heavier and denser and hence, achieve the same spectacular absorbency and quick-drying features while cutting the weight. Our most recent product variation which also sprang from our original hammam towel concept is our best-selling cotton bedspreads and throws. They are the larger and thicker version of our hammam towels. They are pure, good for the sensitive skin, versatile to be used as a throw or bedspread or as a bed runner to add some texture and colour highlight to the room. Our cotton bedspreads and throws are made to last and they are machine washable. They refresh the feel of a tired interior instantly and give good protection to your sofa or bed. As the winter version of our cotton throws, we just added the Cashmere and Wool throws. They are wonderfully soft & toasty and will definitely add a classy touch to your home. We proud ourselves providing high-quality products with very affordable price tags.

Cotton & Olive’s concept throughout the store is to provide a lighter version of each product category to help keep up with the speed of the demanding modern world by reducing the hassle. The aim to go lighter is to reduce weight, hence the drying time, improve the compactness of the products to make them storage smart for cupboards, washing and luggage. Our practical and easy to care products are ideal for home, gym, travel, outdoors and way beyond where they match your lifestyle.