Our 100% cotton bedspreads and throws are soft, lightweight and skin-friendly

Cotton & Olive’s cotton bedspreads and throws are specially designed and woven with the tassels hanging on the sides of the bed rather than head and toes.

They are wonderfully soft and light, instantly giving a fresh and cheerful look to your room.

They are perfect for providing an accent colour in your bedroom and can be used as an actual cover for warmer summer nights or as a bed runner to give a trendy look to your bedroom. They come in a wide range of soft colours from purples and pinks and greys and greens – we have a colour to match any room. Try the Accent Cotton Bedspread.

If you’re seeking that “hygge” feeling in the winter months these are perfect too as they are cosy but breathable. Wrap our throws around you on a cold winter night for instant warmth and comfort.

The throws are incredibly versatile and can be used for a range of applications, from throwing across a bed or sofa to soft beach or picnic blankets. Try the Ida Cotton Peshtemal Throw or for the beach or picnics, the Retro Cotton Peshtemal Throw.

They’re great for protecting your furniture from day-to-day wear, whilst adding an exotic splash of colour in your home. They can be used a bed runners to give a chic feeling to a main or guest bedroom.

These are long lasting products and machine washable.