Extra Large Blankets

Go big with our extra large blankets. These ultra-lightweight blankets are perfect for the beach. They are also fantastically compact and practical for frequent travellers, camping, caravanning, sailing, picnic to name just a few.

If space, weight and washing are issues while you on your adventures, then these amazingly compact and lightweight blankets are just right for you.

Trendy Hammam beach blankets are also amazingly absorbent and quick-dry without little chance of getting whiffsome.

Being surprisingly compact, it will help reduce the pile of washing drastically and hence the energy bills at home. They are perfectly machine washable. If there is no chance of washing them properly in the washing machine then no worries. Just rinse them and leave them air dry. They will dry quickly, so you can use them fresh and crisp again and again every time.

Whatever you need a large, lightweight blanket for – whether it’s the beach, travelling, camping, festivals or for the home, we’ve got you covered with our extra large hammam blankets.