XL Beach Blankets

As we are coming to the end of stormy winter weather and leaving the Covid days behind, it is about time to dream about the summer, holidays, the beach. Even the thought of it makes our heart soar.

We believe XL beach blankets are the rising star of the coming season.

Beach blankets are relatively a new concept but they have been really getting noticed over the last few years. They’re trending not only because they are new and different, but also because they are genuinely versatile and handy.

Since they are in high demand, we are continuously adding new styles each year.

Extra large beach blankets – the most versatile

XL beach blankets are your best friend when heading outdoors.

If you’re spending the day on the beach, they are there for you to lay over the sand to guard you and your belongings from sand and pebbles or to protect you from the heat of sun.

The tassels on both sides of the blanket are great and can be used to tie your blanket to anywhere they might attach.

They are perfect if you are planning a picnic day out and about to lay over the grass.

Just one blanket can accommodate the whole family and the snacks. You can always carry one hammam blanket at the boot of the car ready to take action. They are rollable, compact, lightweight.


They are very handy and space-smart if you are camping or campervanning and have to fit a lot of kit into a small space.

Let’s not forget the pets. If you are a pooch-owner you’ll know how keen Rover is to have a cooling dip in a muddy pond. Wash time can sometimes be time consuming and draining when it comes to cleaning them after each splashabout.

Well, oversized beach blankets are extremely practical to spread over the car boot to keep your car clean while soaking the excess water off Fido’s fur. Yes, they are great as an oversized towel.


Let’s not forget the festival days we’re looking forward to. Honestly, I can’t think of any better item than a hammam beach blanket to pack for a festival.

It is easier and much lighter than carrying a foldable chair. On top of that, beach blanket is more sociable – accommodating you and a few other friends on the same spread.

Plus you can use it as a soft blanket cover when you are not using it as a rug, or use it as a wrap if you feel chilly.

And when festival season is over and we are homeward bound again, put your XL blanket to good use again as a sofa cover or bed runner or as children’s play area rug or even as a tablecloth.

Hassle-free beach blankets

They are made of 100% Turkish cotton with typical hand-knotted tassels on both sides. They are strong, wash well (recommended 40 C degree) and come out as new every time – just try not to spin them at high speed as this may cause the tassels to undone. If this happens, all you need to do is to twist the tassel and do the knot again.

They dry super-quick if you lay them flat so you don’t need to tumble dry them.

Honestly what’s not to love about the multifunctional beach blankets? For us, they are the star.