Hammam Towels

Our hammam towels are sourced from artisan producers in the Buldan region of Turkey. We hope to answer all your questions below!

Caring for Hammam Towels

How do you care for hammam towels? Do they come with care instructions? How should you wash hammam towels? Should you use fabric softener? Should you tumble dry? Caring for the tassels of your hammam towel. Dealing with pulls. How do you get the best out of hammam towels? How long do they last? How do you make them last longer?

What are Hammam Towels For?

What is special about hammam towels? What are they most useful for? What is a hammam anyway? What is the history of hammam towels? What does the word “hammam” mean? Is hammam the same as peshtemal? How are hammam towels made? Are hammam towels lightweight? What are the main benefits and uses of hammam towels? Apart from drying, what can you use them for? Are they popular today? Are they on-trend? Are they practical?

Are Hammam Towels Absorbent?

How absorbent are hammam towels? Are hammam towels good for the beach? What makes hammam towels so absorbent? Video of hammam towel absorbency. Do they get better or worse with age?

Do Hammams Make Good Bath Towels?

Are hammam towels big? Are they any good for the bathroom? Do they cover your whole body? Do hammam towels have piles like terry towels? Do they make good bath towels? Are hammam towels heavy? Do they take up a lot of space? How are hammam towels energy efficient? Are they quick drying? Are they eco-friendly? Are they stylish and trendy? Are they traditional? Are they versatile? Can they be used for anything else? Are they easy to care for? Is there a cross between hammam towels and terry towels? Do they make good bath mats? Do they get damp in the bathroom?

Hammam vs Microfibre Travel Towels

What are microfibre towels? How are they different from hammam towels? Are microfibre or hammam towels better for travel and holidays? Do hammam towels last longer than microfibre towels? Do they dry faster? Are they more expensive? Are they more ethical? Are they more fashionable?

Hammam vs Terry Towels – Which is Better?

Are hammam towels lighter than terry towels? Do they dry faster? Are they more lightweight? Do they take up less space? Are they good for taking on holiday or travel? Are they more absorbent than terry towels? Do they need airing? Do they last longer than terry towels? Are they more ethical than terry towels? Are they more fashionable than terry towels?

Where do Hammam Towels Come From?

Where did hammam towels originate? What is the history of hammam towels? How to tell if a hammam towel is authentic. Do hammam towels have to be made out of specific materials? How are hammam towels made? Are they imported? What protections do the makes of hammam towels have?

How do you Look After These Towels?

What is a Peshtemal?

What is a peshtemal towel? What does peshtemal mean in Turkish? What is the difference between a peshtemal towel and a hammam towel? Are peshtemals the same as hammam towels?