We have created this selection with the practical needs of modern men in mind. Hence we kept the functionality and purpose at the centre of our focus without the least compromise on fun side and style. You will find a range of lightweight towels & robes put together to cater for the needs of the active men in the modern world to accompany them to their indoor and outdoor activities. The Hammam Towels are the best friends to the campers, travellers, explorers, hikers, backpackers, sailors to give some inspiration.

The robes in this collection are likewise very lightweight and soft to give the utmost comfort after a long and busy day for a complete relaxation.

They are perfect gifts – versatile, compact, purposeful, extraordinarily absorbent and quick drying, hence hassle-free and multifunctional. The colour selection is quite wide and you will certainly find the right shade in our wide selection of towels and robes for him.