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Welcome to Cotton & Olive’s green page and congratulations for your awareness to an eco-friendly world. Eco-friendliness; well-being are the terms luckily we are hearing more of them and they are having big times in our century where we are continuously battling against unknown malicious viruses, epidemics, cancer. The more technologically improved the man-kind, the more we are prone to the inevitable by-products of what the technology is producing. This is probably the reason for the rise of individualism against mass and mass-product of the modern world. We are on our own to safe guard which is a get-way to our own body, our own “well-being”. This is an alternative way to protect ourselves and our children and to help build up this consciousness grow.

At the era of individualism, well-being and going back to nature, the organic agriculture does its part to respond to this demand for alternative ways. The number of textile companies which take the organic manufacturing seriously are still low in numbers and the organic process is really tedious.

The organic manufacturing of textiles involves every stages of growing the cotton on the field which is Turkish Aegean cotton in our range and extends itself to the other stages of processing, packaging and labelling Each and every one of these stages take place in specially designated areas, absolutely free of pesticides, hormone-loaded fertilisers, toxic materials. It is as clean and pure as the mother nature intends to offer us. Each product under the strict monitoring is fully GOTS-III and EKOTEX-100 certified.

The Eco-Cotton Organic towels and bathrobes are the most genuinely nature and skin friendly products we can offer.