If you are an avid outdoors adventurer and happened to find us on this page, then congratulations! These hammam towels are beyond perfect if you are into camping and caravanning or about to set out into a backpacking adventure.

These hammam towels are absolutely the campers’ and backpackers’ heaven: Compact, all natural fibre ( cotton & bamboo), ultra lightweight, dries you quickly as it is fast drying. They are also extremely versatile and do whatever job is at stake whilst you are out and about. You can use them as a towel, mini blanket, scarf, sun-shader, privacy screen in hostels, head turban or whatever is the need for the moment. They are equally great for music festivals, school field trips and gym bags. These hammam towels will be well appreciated out in the fields due to their versatile and compact nature.

They are perfectly machine washable if you prefer to wash them. Or you can simply rinse them and leave them air dry. They will be ready nice and dry for the next round much quicker than an average towel.