Stone Two Pieces Cotton Bath Mat Set

Stone Two Pieces Cotton Bath Mat Set

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Product Description

Luxuriously soothing cotton bath mat set

This gorgeous cotton bath mat set with wonderfully deep pile gives a delightfully comforting feel whilst refreshing your bathroom with gorgeous looks. Coming in 2 pieces, Stone Bath Mat Set will give you more flexibility of laying them in your bathroom as you like.

It is also well supported at the back which allows washing over and over again without losing its fresh new look and divine soft feel.

Stone cotton bath mat set is utterly luxurious with 1600 gsm pile. These premium bath mats are presented in balmy shades of dusty pink and beige colours. Their soft touch of colour will surely invigorate your bathroom space and energize your senses.

They come in a very exclusive protective cover with zipping.

100% Cotton

50 x 60 cm / 60 x 100 cm

1600 gsm

Weight 1700 gr

Always read the care label before washing

After each wash, your peshtemal towel will get softer and more absorbent

It is recommended to wash your towels before you use them for the first time

Wash on a gentle cycle programme, max 40C.

Try not to use the fabric conditioner

We don’t recommend tumble-drying. If it is preferred for the sake of convenience, we only recommend low-heat tumble-drying. The best practice is to leave your peshtemal towels to air-dry on their own. It is much better for the environment as well as for your energy bills

Keep them away from strong, direct heat while drying


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