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These natural soaps are locally made by traditional methods for centuries in the ancient city of Antakya, the South of Turkey. Strolling through the city and the historic market place, it is easy to spot that this is the “city of soap”. As a small city of character and historic charm, Antakya has a well-deserved reputation for soap making as part of its cultural heritage.

Pure olive oil-based handmade soap on the rope are beautiful adoption of traditional living to modern life. The jute robe with the decorative blue Turkish evil-eye bead is very appealing and gives a genuinely authentic feel to every bathroom. Soap on Rope is also functional with the purpose of hanging the soap over the tap to dry on its own.

This hand-made natural soap has a large selection of fragrances, enriched with various essential oils which are all beneficial to skin and hair. They can be used to wash the body, face and hair. Regular use help bring a natural shine on the skin, free of spots. They are excellent gifts of nature with their simple but delightful packaging.

Product of Turkey

Weight: 250 gr

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