Product Description

Softest Ever Bathrobe

Bohem Bamboo Bathrobe is full of zen-feel. It offers cuddly comfort and a legendarily soft touch. It is a pure charmer with a large hood, flaring 3/4 arms. You will find great comfort lounging in this bathrobe. Bohem bamboo bathrobe is versatile. You use it as a dressing-gown for a perfect chill-out at your home after a busy day. It is also perfect to dry yourself after a relaxing bath. They are amazingly absorbent and quick-drying robes as well as lightweight compared to the traditional bathrobes. They are all-seasons robes, knee-high; thicker than our Adult Unisex Trendy Peshtemal Bathrobes in this category which is the ultimate lightest you can ever go. Bohem Bamboo Bathrobes are really exquisite in their soft touch and comfy feel. It is genuinely addictive! 

Bohem Bamboo Bathrobe has a matching bath sheet to complement it. Please click Bohem Bath Sheet to see the matching item. 65% Cotton and 35% Bamboo, they come in two colour options -tantalizing denim blue and grey. They each have their matching hammam towel ( 80 x 160 cm).

Made in Turkey

S/ M (Chest Size 110 cm); L/XL (Chest Size 124 cm)

Length : 105 cm

Machine washable

Please be advised that due to the unique crafting process of each peshtemal, there may be slight variations in size from the stated dimensions.