Eco Soft Organic Cotton Bathrobe

Eco Soft Organic Cotton Bathrobe

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Product Description

Eco-Soft Fully-certified Organic Cotton robes for women are truly exquisite in quality for your daily pamperings. We use fully-certified organic cotton in their making, hence they are full of well-being inside out and extremely soft. Each and every stage of production complies with the strict GOTS III and Ekoteks-100 Class I organic cotton standards. Hence, you will be wearing the purest cotton gown ever with absolute peace of mind.

Daily Pampering with Eco-Soft Organic Cotton Bathrobes 

They are coming in medium density with a super soft cotton pile. It is the certified Aegean Turkish cotton in premium quality we use for the production of these organic bathrobes. Comparatively speaking, Eco Soft Organic Cotton Bathrobes are much thicker than our super skinny Adult Unisex Trendy Peshtemal Bathrobes. They come in soft shades of salmon pink and aqua. It will wrap you around to give an instant sense of relaxation and well-being. With the snugly large hood, deep cuffs and two large pockets beautifully sateen trimmed, they are snuggly and ultra charming in their own rights. Just wrap yourself up in this robe after a soothing bath, or put it on for a casual lounging at home. They are also very long lasting products, perfectly machine washable that you can enjoy years and years.

Lovely Gift Already In a Gift Box

You will make your loved ones extremely happy with this well-thought gift of well-being. Moreover, they come ready with their lovely and highly presentable gift boxes to be given away. It is going to be an adorable gift. This will make the recipient feel extra special and cared for!

100% Organic Cotton

S; M; L

Length : 100 cm

360 gsm

Total Weight 1.929 kg

Machine Washable

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Additional Information

* Chest-size provided in here is the measurement of the garment wrapping around your fullest part of the bust.

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Always read the care label before washing

After each wash, your peshtemal towel will get softer and more absorbent

It is recommended to wash your towels before you use them for the first time

Wash on a gentle cycle programme, max 40C.

Try not to use the fabric conditioner

We don’t recommend tumble-drying. If it is preferred for the sake of convenience, we only recommend low-heat tumble-drying. The best practice is to leave your peshtemal towels to air-dry on their own. It is much better for the environment as well as for your energy bills

Keep them away from strong, direct heat while drying


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