Bohem Bamboo Bath Towel

Bohem Bamboo Bath Towel


Product Description

Soft Touch, Super Comfy Feel!

Bohem bamboo peshtemal towels are legendarily soft and smart looking. They have plenty of feel-good factors embedded in them. They are amazingly absorbent and quick dry whilst being lightweight and snuggly. You will find them really exquisite not only with their softness but also with their pattern and texture. They will definitely uplift the bathroom ambience instantly.

Comparatively speaking, they are slightly thicker than our traditional peshtemal towels. These bamboo towels are specifically designed for the bathroom to use throughout the year. You will find them very practical in terms of storage and washing. You save a lot of space in the cupboards and in the washing machine.

Perfect Looks, Great Absorbency

Perfect gift idea for anyone with their super classy yet pretty modern look ..You will be making someone very happy, for sure.

These super comfy Bohem Bamboo Peshtemal Towels in tantalising denim blue and smoke have a matching bathrobe. Equally, they are surprisingly absorbent and soft to complement these premium quality bath towels. Please click Bohem Bath Robes to see the matching item.We just adore them.

65% Cotton 35% Bamboo

80 x 160 cm

Machine washable
Please be advised that due to the unique crafting process of each peshtemal, there may be slight variations in size from the stated dimensions.

Always read the care label before washing

After each wash, your peshtemal towel will get softer and more absorbent

It is recommended to wash your towels before you use them for the first time

Wash on a gentle cycle programme, max 40C.

Try not to use the fabric conditioner

We don’t recommend tumble-drying. If it is preferred for the sake of convenience, we only recommend low-heat tumble-drying. The best practice is to leave your peshtemal towels to air-dry on their own. It is much better for the environment as well as for your energy bills

Keep them away from strong, direct heat while drying


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