Product Description

Natural Simplicity

Elements lightweight Hammam towels are designed for those who prefer simplicity in colour and pattern. The base colour is natural cotton. And it has been toned with some coloured stripes – navy, red, green. They are presented in 90 x 190 cm in size.

Elements are made of pure cotton. They require a good pre-wash before use to perform to their best capacity. You will notice the drastic change in softness and absorbency after the wash. They are very lightweight, compact and extremely quick-drying towels. You can safely use these wonderfully purposeful towels for your babies and children’s bathtimes. A tip from us: you can use them as your baby’s summer blanket. They are very conveniently compact and versatile. They make fantastic travel & gym towels.

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Don’t Miss The Bargain

Elements lightweight hammam towels with their very affordable price point are offering a great opportunity. It is a great chance for those of you who are new to the fluff-free towelling concept. You try them out and see how easy life can be with these hammam towels.

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