Product Description

Delightfully Soft and Elegant Towel in Non-Stripy Pattern

These superb textured and extraordinarily versatile bamboo hammam towel is beautifully hand-loomed. It is totally flat-woven with no fluffs, hence super lightweight and compact.  Due to bamboo blend, this hammam towel is remarkably soft and gentle to the skin.

Light & Compact – Versatile Travel Towels 

Exquisite bamboo hammam towel is great as travel towels as it is fantastically compact and quick drying. It is ideal for beach holidays, camping, sailing, backpacking, gym bags. You can use it as a sarong, mini blanket on the go, modesty cover and more. It is absolutely a gem for saving space with no compromise in quality and elegance. Bamboo hammam towels, in general, are the lightest of their kind hence they are really ideal for any outdoor activities. They are a good alternative for those who are not very keen on stripes. The mini crow’s foot pattern all over the body of the towel looks elegant and offers a nice alternative to the stripy ones. To view Cotton & Olive’s other bamboo hammam towels, please click in here.

Any irregularities in the patterns reflect the hand-crafted nature of the product and add to the uniqueness of your purchase. The yarns running along the edge of the towel is part of its authentic nature. If you wish not to have them, you can cut them off. This will not damage your towel.

80% Cotton 20% Bamboo
Machine washable
Please be advised that due to the unique crafting process of each peshtemal, there may be slight variations in size from the stated dimensions.