Product Description

The lightest towel ever!

Finesse Bamboo Turkish hammam towels are the lightest of their kind. They are perfectly lightweight and versatile travel towels. Beautifully hand-loomed, they are ultra-soft and surpassingly absorbent. You will be surprised by their compactness and easy to pack & carry qualities.  Finesse towels are absolutely fantastic for beach holidays, sailing, camping and for any other outdoor activities. You will find them brilliant for sports bags and swimming kits where space, volume and style matters. They are quick-drying, easy to care for. If you have no time or facility for proper washing, just rinse it under the running water and leave it air dry. It will be nice and dry in no time for the next round.

Emphasis on practicality and comfort

A unique gift for everyone and for every age. Finesse bamboo Turkish hammam towels are great for the sensitive skins of babies. Equally, they make a really well-thought gift for elderlies who would love to go the lighter version of everything they carry around. This is a lifestyle towel with a clear emphasis on practicality and comfort to keep up the fast pace of active life. Spoil yourself and the loved ones with the beautifully silky touch of cotton and bamboo blend and leave yourself hassle-free for maximum fun.

A quick link to Bamboo Towels and Robes is here for easy access.

Any irregularities in the patterns reflect the hand-crafted nature of the product and add to the uniqueness of your purchase. The yarns running along the side of the towel is part of its authentic nature. If you wish not to have them, you can cut them off. This will not damage your towel.

50% Cotton, 50% Bamboo
Machine washable
Please be advised that due to the unique crafting process of each peshtemal, there may be slight variations in size from the stated dimensions.