Product Description

Super Lightweight. Soft and Gentle.

They are genuinely fun-packed, super lightweight cotton hammams. Consisting of block coloured stripes throughout the body, they will truly bring sunshine to your spirit.  Jolly is a pre-washed garment with an extra soft feel.  It is one of the most compact and lightweight Hammams in our selection.

Perfect Outdoor Towel

Due to its compact and lightweight virtues, this hammam is particularly handy for all outdoor expeditions, backpacking where you have to be mindful of every inch of space you have and weight. It is very practical as a gym or travel towel. It will dry in a short space of time and hence, it will not keep the damp dwell in it. Jolly will make a perfectly comfy and soothing summer blanket for your baby and toddler. Jolly Hammam can be very useful as a sustainable cotton liner whether it is for baby changing or for a massage couch.  You will be saving a huge washing space which will be reflected in your bills.

It is 100% cotton. Size is 180 x 90 cm and weights 195 gr only.

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