Product Description

Performer Towel with Simplistic Elegant Look 

These natural-looking cotton Hammam beach towels are so adorable with their looks and qualities.  Elegantly hand-loomed and generously large Vintage hammam towels are ideal for everyday needs. They are totally flat-woven towels with quality cotton yarns absorbing water in no time. Being fluff-free, means they also dry quickly.

Lightweight Towel for Every Occasion

Amazingly absorbent and lightweight Vintage cotton hammam beach towel is the most popular hammam towel for those loving the more natural look. They are very compact and handy as a travel towel, perfect for sailing, caravanning, camping, backpacking, hiking just to name a few. They not only help you save a lot of space in the cupboards and washing machine but also a big saving on the energy bills!

Why do you carry the weight of a conventional towel on your shoulder while you can go lighter and enjoy the super drying properties of this amazing towel? These towels will get even softer and much more absorbent with wash and wear.

A Perfect Lifestyle Gift

A unique gift for everyone who enjoys the feel of practicality and minimalism in their lives. By giving this gift to someone, you give them a way of lifestyle much adventurous, fun-packed and smart. 

Any irregularities in the patterns reflect the hand-crafted nature of the product and add to the uniqueness of your purchase.

100% Cotton
Machine washable
Please be advised that due to the unique crafting process of each peshtemal, there may be slight variations in size from the stated dimensions.