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Super-duper soft and absorbent luxury

Thea linen cotton blend bath sheet second is the softest it can get. It is double-layered yet very compact and lightweight. Due to its loose weave nature, it also dries very fast.  It will quickly become your favourite bath sheet at home or your travel towel while away. It is a highly tactile and pleasant towel with eyelash tassels. Once you’ve lived with a Turkish bath sheet like this you’ll never want to go back to heavy, wet Terry towels!

What we love about this towel apart from its delightful softness is its toned-down simplicity and naturalism. Don’t miss this bargain opportunity.

This Turkish bath sheet is handmade in Buldan, Denizli, Turkey and brought to the UK by Cotton and Olive. Find out about us.

70% Cotton 30% Linen

90 x 180 cm

340 gram

**Important Note: Our towel seconds are perfectly fine, yet they haven’t made it through our quality control due to a small fault. So we offer them at discounted prices as we believe it is a perfect way to put them to good use rather than mark them off. The imperfections are generally caused by a weaving fault and are reflected in the sale price accordingly.

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