Product Description

You will Love These Soaps!

This set includes 4 pieces of vegan-friendly soap bars. Each soap bar is 170 gr. Our vegan-friendly soaps are fantastically natural made with premium vegetable oils. There is no artificial colouring or perfume. They are presented in Kraft paper packaging.  The soap bars bundle will be an assortment of lavender, camomile, olive, or laurel oil herbal soaps. We can’t guarantee which one will be included in the bundle but we will certainly try to include one from each to give you the full flavour of the selection.

Our herbal soaps have so many merits, you can learn a bit further by clicking the link here to take you to our Antioch Soap bars page. These soaps take their name after the antique city of Antioch where this traditional soap making is still very much alive.

Made in Antakya (Antioch), Turkey