Cotton and Olive has a lightweight bathrobe selection with a high-quality finish. Bathrobe range is unisex and equally perfect as loungewear.

The lightweight bathrobe is made of 100% cotton yarns. They are made of lightweight hammam material shredding all the weight off your shoulders. This utility chic cotton hammam bathrobe wrapping around your body will get fantastically softer with each wash and wear. It will feel like a second skin on you. They are remarkably absorbent, compact, and dry in no time. It is the absolute favourite of those who treasure the element of eclectic style along with the down-to-earth practicality in their lives. It is also great for frail and older people to use due to its lightweight property. Some are coming with their hoods and some are without a hood in a sleek kimono style.

It is perfectly machine-washable. Recommended washing temperature is 40 C  and no tumble drying is required unless you prefer to do so for convenience.