The inspiration for our collection of towels, beachwear and soaps comes from our beautiful home country of Turkey. One of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world, Turkey straddles Europe and Asia and combines the best elements of culture and style. We regularly visit Turkey to scout out the latest towels and beachwear. Here are our blog articles.

What To Expect When Visiting a Turkish Hammam

Bathing in a traditional Turkish hammam (sauna bath) is probably on most tourists’ to-do-list while they are visiting Turkey. It is partly because tourists are always interested in immersing themselves in other cultures’ traditions. Also, it is partly because they love to get involved in hands-on experiences when they are in a foreign land. [...]

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Let’s Talk About Hammam Towels

Origin of hammam towels Hammam towels have an interesting and extraordinary history, literally interwoven with the history of Turkey. The origins of hammam towels dates back to Turkey, 600 years ago. The first known time that hammam towels were used is in the period of the Ottoman Empire. It seems that the Ottoman emperors [...]

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New Cotton Bedspreads

Exclusively at Cotton and Olive For the last month, we have been feeling the excitement of launching our brand-new cotton bedspreads. It was something positive uplifting our moods during the pandemic. However, production at the time of Covid has its own challenges as well which have their own tolls on us. We have been [...]

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Hammam Towels’ Home Land: BULDAN

This blog article is a homage to Peshtemal Hammam Towels' homeland - Buldan.  Buldan is  province of Denizli on the Turkish Aegean region and it is peacefully tucked away behind the mountains. It is a retreat 45 km way from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Yes, it is a tiny village [...]

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Bodrum Peninsula Markets

Bougainvillea flowers in a Bodrum backstreet Bodrum is a naturally attractive resort at the very South Western tip of Turkey. It has a lovely mild and dry climate all year around. Lovely beaches, hills & mountains covered with dark green shades of bushy scrub mark this place as point where blue and green [...]

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