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What Is a Hammam Towel For?

As the name suggests, a hammam towel is a proper towel for drying first and foremost. This is what they are designed for in the first place. See our article about the history of hammam towels for more information. The next question might be what does "hammam" mean, specifically? The term "Hammam" used [...]

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Are Hammam Towels Absorbent?

The simplest and the most straightforward answer is ‘yes’. They are brilliant with their absorbency as much as their fast-drying property along with some other outstanding qualities. Hammam towels whether they are hammam beach towels or hammam bath towels are made of premium quality cotton yarns. And Cotton and Olive’s hammam towels pass the [...]

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Let’s Talk About Hammam Towels

Origin of hammam towels Hammam towels have an interesting and extraordinary history, literally interwoven with the history of Turkey. The origins of hammam towels dates back to Turkey, 600 years ago. The first known time that hammam towels were used is in the period of the Ottoman Empire. It seems that the Ottoman emperors [...]

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Hammam Towels vs Microfibre Travel Towels

I wanted to understand the strengths and weaknesses of hammam towels vs microfibre towels as an ideal travel towel, so I decided to experiment. This has been in my to-do-list for a long while. Microfibre is unknown territory for me. I used it as a bath towel only once years back and I remember me [...]

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What’s New In Store?

Hi! It’s been a while since I last posted an article here. A lot has been going on since we completed a very busy Christmas period. New products, new designs, new colours, new suppliers! We are continuously improving our existing product lines whilst adding brand new products. And improvements are not limited to the products [...]

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