I can’t think of a better time to write about using hammam towels as bath towels. You may wonder why now is the time? The simple answer is the current energy crisis worldwide and the myriad ways we are all trying to change our lifestyles to cope with this crisis.

Hammam towels are great as an outdoor towel without a shadow of doubt. They are lightweight, absorbent and fast-drying. All these qualities are extremely valuable and valid for all kind of outdoor activities and travel. But how about using them as bath towels once the summer season closes?

Coming back from beach holiday, weekend getaways, festivals, camping and backpacking, are they all washed nice and crisp and put away into a corner of the cupboard until the next time? I assure you, dear reader, these hammam beach towels are equally fantastic as bath towels. If you already stashed them away, take them out, hang them over the towel rail in your bathroom and use them daily as your bath sheet.

Hammam bath towel
Hammam bath towel
Hammam bath towel

What are the benefits of using hammam towels as bath sheets?

  • They are 100% wholesome, natural yarns (cotton, linen, bamboo)
  • Compact. They won’t take up much room in your cupboards or in the washing machine drum. This aspect of the hammam towels will contribute a considerable savings on the consumption of energy at the household.
  • Quick-drying. You don’t need to tumble-dry them after washing. Hang them free flowing on the airer, they will dry much quicker than standard towels. This also hugely contributes to saving on energy.
  • Hygienic and anti-mildew. They will dry fast enough not to let any unpleasant mouldy smell settle in your towel.
  • Lightweight. Lightweight and yet super absorbent bath towels are in demand. Not only because they dry quickly and contributes to energy saving, but also because you carry less weight on your shoulders whilst towel drying yourselves. They are particularly rated by people suffering from arthritis and other similar medical conditions. These lightweight towels are very beneficial to elderly and frail people.

All the hammam towels that you use for beach holidays or camping and wild swimming are a good fit to be used as bath towels at home.

However, if you are still not fully convinced that you can stretch your lifestyle and habits far enough to swap your standard towel to a hammam towel, then we have a proposition for you – hammam bath towels. We recently created a brand-new Hammam bath towels category on our website and put the relevant products under this tab.

What are hammam bath towels? And how different they are to hammam beach towels? They have one side with flat and fluff-free hammam fabric and the other side with terry loops in low pile. Breezy, Elite and Meridien bath towels are among these hammam bath towel models.

I am hoping after reading this article, you go to your linen cupboard and take out your hammam towels from their hiding place and use them day in day out!

Warm wishes,

Hammam bath towel
Hammam bath towel