Hi there. This is an update post about Cotton and Olive’s plastic-free packaging which had been successfully launched back in 2019.

It all started with an urge to do something however small to contribute positively to reduce the use of plastic after receiving a request from one of our eco-conscious customers. She asked us specifically to ditch the plastic-based tapes when we do packaging for her order and suggested that we can use a jute twine instead to secure the box. And we did exactly as she requested, but we were worried that using just a string around the box would not do the job properly. Her request propelled our plan to ditch the plastic. And soon after this, we started to look for the eco friendly and sustainable packaging alternatives fit for our business to make sure the products packed in this eco-friendly fashion will also be well protected while they are on the transit.

Since the day, it has been launched, our plastic-free packaging has become so popular among our customers. Almost 90% of our customers placing orders with us opt in for the plastic-free option. Engagement turned out to be epic! Much more than I anticipated. All we asked from our customers is to opt in by ticking the box at the check-out stage. The reason behind opting-in is because we wanted our customers to read the terms and conditions when they tick the box.  We simply want our customers opting in to acknowledge the fact that the paper-based packaging is not as strong and protective as the plastic option. Other than this, it doesn’t entail any additional costs. We don’t charge any extra fee for those who opt-in for this option.

Plastic free packaging

We keep it simple

Our plastic-free package is clean, simple and secure. We cut down all the unnecessary frills to minimise the waste of paper. All we use is acid -free tissue paper, paper tape and a card box. We wrap the products with acid-free white tissue paper instead of putting them into a transparent and sealable poly bag. We secure the parcel using 100% recyclable brown paper tape. And we put the wrapped products in the 100% recycled Loop card board which is itself 100% recyclable.

We use paper-based fillers in case we need to secure the products inside the box. For this, we sometimes reuse the papers coming out of the delivery boxes we receive. We always put the paper fillers aside to reuse. We also try to optimise the card box sizes to avoid overpacking.

As a small business, our sustainability efforts are limited but we are committed and working hard to make further improvements within our budget.

I will keep posting the updates on what we have achieved further on this specific issue over time. And in the meantime, we will be happy to hear your comments and suggestions to inspire us.