Lightweight Towels

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Whether you’re taking the kids out to the countryside, the beach or just having a picnic in the back garden, lightweight towels can be a godsend. If you like adventuring but don’t like dragging heavy bath towels around, our unique range of authentic Turkish hammam lightweight towel has been designed with you in mind.

They are perfectly sized for the knapsack and can be thrown into the back of the car, stowed in the bike pannier or carried in a tote bag. Lightweight towels are a must-have for gym visits too.

Lightweight but quick-drying too

When you are on a family day out, you need to get yourself and the little ones dry quickly and efficiently, especially after bathing in the sea or the paddling pool.

That’s why we’ve created a unique collection of beautifully designed, authentic Turkish towels that will get you dry in no time but are also perfect for a number of other uses.

Lightweight towels for the beach

The great big terry-towelling bath towel borrowed from your bathroom – it’s not a good look at the beach. Instead, try our Jolly Cotton Hammam Towel – in colours reminiscent of a blissed-out sunshine days.

For those chaps who prefer a bolder pattern, make a statement at the beach with the Indigo Cotton Hammam Towel. It’s assertive design comes in seven bright colours and was listed as one of the UK’s best-buy hammam towels by The Independent newspaper .

Or consider the hybrid Breezy Cotton Hammam Towel which is terry on one side and flat on the other. It’s the best of both worlds and looks fabulous on hot summer days.

If you love the vintage look, then the Vintage Cotton Hammam Beach Towel is going to become your best friend! It comes in gorgeous washed-out sepia tones.

For the bathroom

Lightweight towels aren’t just for the beach and the countryside. They are perfect for everyday use in the bathroom too. Because they are so quick-drying they require less airing and can be stored rolled-up.

Try the Tuana Cotton Lightweight towel and wrap yourself in authentic Turkish luxury!

Or go for the striking, evocative patterning of the Thrace Cotton Hammam Towel in navy blue.

Whatever your days bring, whether it’s the beach, bathroom, gym or trail, lightweight towels are a must, so indulge in our range of authentic Turkish towels.